Monday, July 16, 2012

Apologies for Tardiness to My Two Followers

 Dear Two Followers of my bloviating blog: I am planning an update. Been kinda busy the last two years, what with being an old Babe in College again. I've made a little progress in my Marathoning across the 50 states + DC. As of 4/21/12 I have 19 states (+DC) under my fuel belt. SoooooOOOO, I have to tell you about all those other states I just nailed: the Dakotas! Kansas, Land of Oz marathon (yes, really)! My first ULTRA in Oklahoma! On, on and on in Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin! Maryland, my Maryland! Louisiana: Laissez les bons temps Rock'n'Rouler in New Orleans, mon chou. Mon beignet au sucre! Wait, there's more. I figure I'll get to posting stuff sometime before school starts again on August 20. For now, I'll just put up a few pics from my new abode, New Mexico, just because.
This is the view towards the mountain from my office window.
That faint blue haze in the background--that's the Mountain.
This is Alix posing as an Odalisque on a blow-up bed in my "office" when I had
 just moved into  Rockin' Cottonwood Ranch.
Note the handy orange Ikea toolbox on the floor--a lifesaver!

The first thing to do in Albuquerque is to take the Tramway up to the top of the Sandias. Great view! (View towards the south here.) And below is just another mind-boggling sunset...

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