Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guns in National Parks

Sick but true: weapons of small-mass destruction are to be allowed into our National Parks. ("House approves measure to allow guns into national parks" Washington Post Thu May 21, A6). Who are these 105 "Democrats" who backed this insane idea? If it is a right to carry a gun, that right should be observed, respected, and enforced in any public place, correct? Why then are gun owners denied their rights in Federal buildings? in schools? on airplanes? If guns are not a threat to MY life in a National Park, they should not be a threat to anyone's life anywhere, including schools, airplanes, and Federal buildings. Is the life of an air traveler, an elected official, or school age child more sacred than that of a hiker in a National Park and require special protection? I think not, unless our sense of ethics is seriously twisted. Therefore, I submit that if guns are allowed in National Parks, guns should be allowed in the Capitol, during White House tours, and on airplanes.

Full-needled cactus jab to the 279 morons who passed this bill in the House.

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